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DigiDoc in action 

Gone are the days of complex coding, high costs, and low download rates of traditional mobile apps. DigiDoc empowers our customers to create a mobile channel that works.

Keep scrolling to see a demo of DigiDoc and a few industry examples based on customer products. 

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Utilize your design teams to create a digital document that appeals to your audience, with easy access to the benefits and perks your membership loves. Deliver it mobiley with DigiDoc, and track what benefits your audience utilizes most.


With DigiDoc, we're turning membership benefits into a mobile platform, giving you intel on your audience's behavior and preferences.

Membership Benefits

mounted generic benefits screenshot.png

An app for all device types, without a visit to the app store.

Establish your company's mobile gateway and deliver policy materials the modern way: via the smartphone. Engage customers quickly and bypass the app store with a new mobile category. Equip them with all company resources in combination with their policy details. 

Analytics Dashboard Example v1.1.png

Measure what matters

Our customers use DigiDoc to deliver all types of content and channels to their users. That's why we make it easy to measure the engagement activity on every DigiDoc. 

Through the Analytics Dashboard, we provide insight and data on the channels and actions end-users prefer on our clients' DigiDocs. 

With this feature, we go beyond making the materials that matter mobile; we measure what matters most to our customers and their audience. 

A policy document is not something any one wants to misplace, yet today most insurance companies still send a static PDF to customers with a confirmation of coverage. 

With DigiDoc, we're turning policy documentation into an opportunity to create a digital relationship with customers. 


Insurance Card example_edited.png
FSU TIX DigiDoc screenshot.png

Students have a varying set of needs during their time on campus or abroad that are hard to predict. That's why we developed a tool to deliver all important support resources to where students spend their time: on the smartphone.

With DigiDoc, we're making it easy for collegiate administrators to design an interactive app to suite their students needs. Best yet, students can download it in seconds without visiting the app store.

Collegiate Risk Management

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