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DigiVaxDoc: a guide for new users

Welcome to your DigiVaxDoc! We can’t wait to get you up and running with your digital copy of your COVID-19 vaccine card. This guide will walk you through the full setup process for your DigiVaxDoc.


Step 1: complete your payment

We use Stripe to process your payment for your personal DigiVaxDoc. Stripe is a secure online payment processor; they will handle the one-time billing for the DigiVaxDoc service. Once you complete the payment process, you will be able to create your DigiVaxDoc.


Step 2: set up your DigiVaxDoc with your vaccine card

You can start this process on either your phone or your computer. If you’re on your computer: upload a picture of the front and back of your CDC-issued COVID-19 vaccination card. If you’re on your phone: you can either select photos from your phone’s photo library, or take pictures of your vaccination card on the spot. You have the option to crop the images after they are uploaded. Click the “crop” button after you upload and you’ll be set. Hit “complete” once the two images are set.


Next, you’ll see a QR code and a weblink on the screen. Both lead to your personalized DigiVaxDoc. If you’re on a computer: use your smartphone to scan the QR code. You’ll be brought to your phone’s web browser, where you’ll see a preview of your customized DigiVaxDoc. If you’re on a phone: click the link on the screen, which will bring you to a preview of your customized DigiVaxDoc.


Now that you see your digital vaccine card copy, you’re nearly complete! You just need to save it to your phone’s home screen.


Step 3: save your DigiVaxDoc

On iPhones: make sure you’re in Safari! Click the export button in the bottom center of your screen. Scroll and hit the “Add to Home Screen” button. You’ll see a preview of the icon; then, click “add” in the top right corner. You’ll then be brought to your phone’s home screen, where you should see a new app icon labeled “Vaccine Digi-Doc.” Click in on it - and voila! You’ll see your DigiVaxDoc.

On Androids:  In Chrome, click on the three dots at the top right portion of your screen. Once you click those three button a menu appears with different options, click “install app” towards the bottom. Once you click “Install app” chrome will send a notification confirming the app’s been downloaded and you will see it appear at the next open space for a mobile app on your home screen.

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